This blog is an attempt.

This blog is a shot in the dark.

This blog is a try for something new.

Hopefully you can be a part of it.

My tendency is to shoot from the hip and react. I get pissed easy and lash out. It is easy to point out whats messed up and broken, and while that can be necessary, I easily become a broken record of negativity. Friends have commented that I seem angry all the time, pissed off, and while I am fired up I worry it comes across arrogant and mean.

“People want action, not reaction,” Cara told me, a wise friend.

First, I am sorry. If I have lashed out and attacked and mocked you, I need to apologize.

Second, I don’t want to just be an angry reaction but hope to be a thoughtful participant in discovering something new.

Yes, we need to tear down the walls and disrupt our isms but I have them just as much as the next person (maybe even more). I need your accountability and assistance. Call me out when I mess up, I need it. There is a tension here. How do we dismantle entrenched systems lovingly? That is what I need to know and hope to discover.

I will continue to work against sexism, because I see it in myself.

I will continue to work against racism, because it exists in my heart.

I will continue to work against homophobia and transphobia and cis-privilege because I benefit at the cost of others lives.

I will continue to dismantle my isms because they take shape and become incarnated in my thoughts and actions.

Thats what this is a place for, not to prescribe where you are wrong, but to see where I need to grow and change and submit and humble myself. Maybe we can grow together.



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